The Team

We’re data nerds, strategists, analysts, creatives and bookworms. We work hard. We work together. We have a blast.

Andres Szkolnik – Director

As the founder of One12th, Andres takes on a wide range of responsibilities. With a Bachelor in Economics, he brings his passion for finding the newest cool tech and keeps us focused on always moving forward. When he’s not running fiercely to Queen’s “Somebody to Love”, he can usually be found binge-watching “Black Mirror” and planning his weekends around restaurant reservations.

Alejandro Jaegerman – Director

He’s often found in the conference room (with pen and notebook) tinkering with data and growth strategies in order to keep One12th at the forefront of innovation. When his nose isn’t in a book, he can usually be caught cracking dad jokes and thriving in awkward situations. His side hustles include business development, recruitment and making playlists.

Andrea Gallipoli – Creative Lead

This Venezuelan native has perfected the art of sprinkling bits of nonsense into really serious data-filled things. With her quick wit and charisma, she’s always ready to shut the haters down and is passionate about making sure our content is always in tiptop shape. She identifies as Mindy from the Mindy Project and can usually be found at Green Life enjoying her favorite açaí bowl.

Pedro Vallejo – Project Management Lead

You can’t mention Tuesdays around Pedro without also mentioning tacos. They go hand in hand with our esteemed PM. Outside of planning, and making sure every project is running on schedule, he enjoys playing tennis, and hanging out with his son Landon. Don’t fall prey to his boyish good-looks, you’ll never be able to guess his real age.

Hedda Regefalk – Project Management Ninja

Between tracking our project plans and learning, Hedda enjoys pursuing her passion for a healthy lifestyle and the great outdoors. She was born in Sweden and recently graduated from San Diego University with a Bachelor in Business Management. Don’t mistake her kindness for weakness. That would be a very, very, bad idea. 

Tamar Lapco- Partner Solutions Ninja

This super outgoing UCF graduate uses her Marketing degree to build strong relationships with our partners and keep everyone in the loop. She believes in the magic of follow-up emails and thinks a little consistency goes a long way. When she’s not searching for #tbt Wisin Y Yandel playlists, she’s probably bookmarking every restaurant on Yelp. 

Jessica Kemp- Partner Solutions Manager

Meet our Tennessean PSM, Jessica Kemp. She graduated from Christian Brothers University where she earned an English degree in Corporate Communications and Management. She also holds a defending title of three years against rogue iguanas that are out for her potted plants. Between episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm, she strives to deliver the best digital marketing solutions for our current and future partners. 

Alejandra Kanashiro – Marketing Systems Manager

Alejandra can usually be found scrolling through Power Editor, throwing out words like “CTR”, and “CPC”. In addition to attending FIU and graduating with a degree in Marketing, she’s on the road to becoming the next Andrew Zimmern. She spends her weekends looking for a restaurant that beats out her parents’ delicious “Aji De Gallina” and refuses to eat lunch without Sriracha involved.

Briana Mele – Performance Ninja

Sarcasm is this Boston native’s forte. With a Bachelor in Business and a love for everything data, Bri partly took this position because she’s always dreamed about becoming a ninja. Shortly after finding out there was no jiu-jitsu fighting involved, she was content to put her analytical skills to work.

Alex Jimenez – Content Creation Ninja

As our Content Creation Ninja, Alex spends her days pushing creative boundaries and plotting how to feature more dogs in all of our content. She enjoys the finer things in life like popping popcorn at 10 AM and hunting down the best Piña Coladas in Miami. Alex is currently on the brink of graduating from FSU (Go Noles!) with a degree in Information, Communication, and Technology.

Austin Tucker – Data and Automation Ninja

After receiving a Bachelors in Computer Science at Morehouse College, our data-aficionado traveled around the world briefly until settling here in Miami. From creating strings of Java to traversing the Azman directory, he spends his days delving into endless blocks of code, as well as exploring local taco spots.

Anthoni Paruchuri – Performance Ninja

After making the big move from Chattanooga, TN and pursuing a second masters in Business Intelligence, this anime-loving individual found himself perfecting the art of digital marketing at One12th. He spends his free time using his research + strategizing skills, trying to find the most American food (preferably a Philly cheesesteak) in the most culturally diverse city in the southeast. So far no luck.

Nakala Hemingway – Digital Marketing Ninja

FIU graduate and Japanese Pop music lover, Nakala is a Digital Marketing Ninja by day and Lego Architect by night. Nakala has two Bachelors – one in International Business and another in Management. In between learning Japanese, Korean, and French, she can be found chowing down on her favorite, Boston Market’s chicken caesar salad, or singing Destiny’s Child classics at karaoke.

Shelly Abadi – Team Lead

Meet Shelly, aka our “cool mom” aka our beloved Team Leader. She’s in charge of planning everything and anything that goes on at One12th, including our infamous happy hours. With an MBA in Marketing, she brings her passion for finding new and exciting management tools to keep everyone aligned and working efficiently. In her free time, you can find her shaking it at the nearest Zumba class while dreaming about Nutella and Dulce de Leche.

Isabelle Morris – Jr. Team Lead

A Red Hot Chilli Peppers fan, Isabelle joins us with a history of recruiting among globalized agencies. This UM grad is in charge of attracting top-talent for our quickly growing team and making sure we’re always equipped. She stays on the lookout for fun outdoor endeavors and new restaurants to try but continues to eat at the same ones time and time again.

Bailey Poritzky – Performance Ninja

A Marketing graduate from the University of Miami, Bailey is a fast learner and provides the One12th team with a background in campaign development and trend forecasting. Our key forecast is that he won’t be able to bring his gnarly snowboarding skills from his hometown, Boston, here to Miami! But it’s okay, we’ll keep him anyway.

Federika Szkolnik – Trashcan Coordinator

The most important member of One12th, and the real OG. Ika is all about taking long (executive) naps on the couch and assaulting trash cans around the office. Her favorite snacks are the various items she finds in said trash cans as well as the occasional milk bone.