What story is your customer data telling?

For data-driven organizations that need to level up their sales and marketing, ONE12th is a consulting firm that drives growth through customer data products, projects, and programs. Unlike the big consulting firms, ONE12th can move fast, integrate with in-house teams and exploit the quickest paths to value.

Our suite of services is designed to clean up your customer data so you can see opportunities more clearly. Through Systems of Engagement and Systems of Intelligence, we can personalize marketing actions, accurately measure results and optimize your user experiences across the channels, geographies and social boundaries where your customers can be found. It’s all in the name of helping you drive revenue, increase your profit margins and convert your patrons into lifelong customers.

What story is your customer data telling?

Our Approach

Our Approach

Disconnected customer experiences are a product of generic data insights. While most companies sort and target their customers into generalized groups, we take a more personalized approach by targeting them as individuals. You’ll be able to engage your customers based on their unique preferences so they not only feel seen and heard, but valued as well.

We can help you connect to your customers on a personal level using your current framework. If you have:

  • An automated marketing system that talks to your customers as if they’re all the same, we help you personalize and scale the experience based on each of your customers’ unique actions and behaviors.
  • A highly tailored customer experience that can’t scale, we provide automation solutions to help you grow without losing that personal touch.

Not all data is created equal.

Our Process

Figure out what matters, both now and in the future, by filtering out the noise so you can get to the heart of your data, and take action with accuracy and intention. We start by cutting through the clutter, creating a marketing automation system that works for your business, then putting it to work for the long-haul.

Systems of Intelligence


Work smarter, not harder. We leverage the power of attribution models and smart automation to provide you with ongoing insights into your customers’ behaviors.

Our marketing databases are built on actionable, unified and personally identifiable data in a secure and dynamic environment to eliminate the opportunity-to-action gap for good.

  • Strategy and planning
  • Data flow mapping, management, aggregation and visualization
  • Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Slack and ecommerce marketing automation integration
  • API and custom app development
  • A/B testing, monitoring and predictive analytics
  • Custom MarTech cloud stacks
  • Optimization and reporting
It’s not enough to simply reach your customers. We create personalized, agile and digital-first engagement programs designed to help you connect with them on a deeper level and maximize your ROI.

Our efficient, speed-to-market and impactful optimization tactics allow you to get the most out of each touchpoint in your customer journey.

  • Strategy and planning
  • Paid social, SEM and programmatic media
  • Social media content and ads
  • Email campaigns, landing pages and websites
  • A/B testing, monitoring and predictive analytics
  • Marketing AI and data flow mapping
  • Optimization and reporting
Systems of Engagement