COVID-19 may have changed things, but it will never slow us down.
At ONE12th, we’re rising to the challenge by reinventing how we meet your digital marketing automation needs.



Get the most from your ad budget

Leverage our proven methodology for Facebook and Google Ads. Take all of the guesswork out of targeting your ideal audience. …And guess what? The data-driven model only gets better over time!

Choose the media planning & buying tier that’s right for you.

With our innovative tiered service approach, you only pay for what you need.
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7 Day money back guarantee for new clients

For 1 Month Commitment:

7 day notice then pro-rated money back

For 3 Month Commitment:

30 day notice then pro-rated money back

We know you got questions,
we have the answers…

“I just don’t have time to hunt down the ‘perfect’ audience for every ad”

If your team is manually testing targeting criteria, you’re doing it wrong. We can help you maximize lookalikes and automate the rest.

“I’m getting traffic, but a lot of people look once and don’t come back”

The magic word is “retargeting” – and we’ll use it to help you turn first-time visitors into first-time buyers.

“How do I plan ahead for better returns on my ads?”

We’ll tag every ad from launch, so you’ll know exactly what’s performing right out of the gate.

“I know my ads need work, but I don’t know where to start”

No worries. Our asset wishlist can help you figure out exactly what ads you need.

"I want to try this, but I'm not sure how it works"

Grant us access to your Shopify and ad platforms, and we’ll develop a media plan based based on the data, implement the pieces you’re missing, and get your campaign ready for relaunch.

"Is Shopify Required?"



Save time and money automagically


Give each shopper the personalized experience they need to fall in love with your brand. Tap into this service to keep each shopper engaged based on their behavior. Make deeper connections before and after a purchase and turn window shoppers into life-long customers faster.


Discover Custom Marketing Systems Consulting

From strategy to execution, we provide a full range of capabilities and cutting edge tech to optimize towards maximum ROI. Our custom data-driven marketing systems allow us to deliver efficient, effective and scalable solutions.

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