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YouTube Demonetization and Why It Should Worry You

Sometimes what's good on paper doesn't mean it's good in practice. Sometimes it veils something far more nefarious in its intentions.   Take YouTube and their recent controversy. In order to combat their definition of 'extremist content', the worldwide...

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What the NFL Can Learn from the NBA On Social Media

About a week ago, I, along with millions of other people, were treated by the NBA's official Facebook account with a behind-the-scenes look at reigning MVP Stephen Curry taking shots before the game.     Not only was I able to indulge in this...

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Making the Case for Social Media

There’s no debating it: Social media, and the digital medium as a whole, has emerged as a substitute to traditional advertising practices for brands of all sizes.   Add in the growing number of those cutting the cord and you have even more incentive to advertise...

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You Have to See Royal Caribbean’s New 360 Ads

Advertising can feel like an arms’ race at times. With the biggest and most financially stable brands employing bold new technologies to promote their message, it only leads to other brands, or marketing agencies, finding newer, more innovative ways to spread their...

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YouTube 101 for Business

Most of you know already about YouTube and how it works. But, is it the right social media site for your business' overall goal? Do you know how to measure the results? Do you know how to get more views?   These are some questions you probably never thought...

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