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Building an Effective User Profile

What's a marketing campaign without first knowing the target of your message? The purpose of advertising is completely defeated without the extensive research necessary to identify who you're going to be speaking and appealing to.   You're advertising to...

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6 Digital Marketing Trends for 2017 and Beyond

1. Snapchat is only gaining in popularity among milennials (But Facebook is still king) Among milennials, no social media platform is matching Snapchat in a short-term popularity contest: "According to research by student loans company LendEDU, 58 percent of the 9,381...

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The Art of a Successful Mobile App Push Notification

Locating the fine line between being helpful and being a nuisance is critical to cultivating a healthy relationship between buyer and seller. Unlike in the past when the most annoying part of advertising was seeing or hearing a commercial too much, now it's reaching...

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Connecting with Your Audience on an Emotional Level

When you write, you build a connection with your reader. Every sentence should be made with great care and preparation since you are investing the time and effort into bridging a gap between yourself and the reader to get the emotional response you're hoping for....

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