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25 Types of Posts for Social Media Content

1. #TBT: These are always fun because it gives you a chance to show your audience your company in its early, humble days. They also give you the opportunity to be transparent, which is a near guarantee to create engagement.   2. Group photo: Put your employees on...

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Social Media is a Perpetual Grind, and 3 Other Insights

Clear your schedule for the next 30 minutes! It’s Insight Day!     We create these insights for our own personal benefit, as well as the benefit of small businesses and their approach to social media. Posting on a social media platform is simple, but it’s...

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Hashtag Etiquette

People think that using "Hashtags" is very simple and everybody can do it. Yes, everybody can do it but that does not mean they are doing it right, specially if it's part of your social media strategy.   Here's some hashtag etiquette:   1) 2 to 3 hashtags in...

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