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Save Your Marketing Agency Hours of Work with Automation

Time is money when you charge clients by the hour, which makes every minute all the more precious in digital marketing.   At some point, in order to limit spending as much as possible without having it impact the quality, shortcuts will have to be made in...

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How Hotjar Provides Landing Page Insights Metrics Can’t

Understanding audience tendencies is imperative to facilitating success, no matter the cause.   In digital marketing terms, it is especially important when creating a landing page or website that serves your audience. It must create enough convenience that the...

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5 Reasons Why Your Email Marketing Campaign is Failing

Did you know the average person receives an email 100 times per day? That's a lot of content to digest, which is why most emails will never be opened.   Don't let this newfound knowledge deter you from crafting an email marketing campaign. When you meet a wall,...

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Part 4: Messaging as a Commercial Medium

The vehicle of messaging you use to communicate with your customers can make or break your product’s success.   Everyone checks their notifications and sending texts is cheap. So if you send out mass texts, then you are bound to receive decent results, right?...

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Are Heatmaps the Best Metric for Digital Marketing Success?

In the digital marketing setting, success is obtained by a thorough understanding of your audience and what they need to click 'Buy'.   Sounds easy? It isn't. Humans are unpredictable, fickle, erratic, and are generally influenced to make purchases either through...

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Social Media: The Benefits of Retargeting

Yesterday, I was searching for hotels in New Orleans when I noticed something peculiar pop up about an hour later when I watched a YouTube video.   The ad at the beginning of the video was a tourism spot for-guess who-New Orleans! Not long after I was searching...

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