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What Stops People From Converting (And How to Make Them)

"The more they pass their heart around, the more jaded that they become."   I never thought I'd reference a Drake lyric when discussing conversions, but it's actually appropriate for the topic we're about to dive into. I'm talking of course about the buyer's...

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Are Heatmaps the Best Metric for Digital Marketing Success?

In the digital marketing setting, success is obtained by a thorough understanding of your audience and what they need to click 'Buy'.   Sounds easy? It isn't. Humans are unpredictable, fickle, erratic, and are generally influenced to make purchases either through...

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5 Important Social Media Stats That Will Boost your Brand

In the social media game, statistics and numbers are your best friend.   Stats tell you what posts works and what doesn't, which targets work, which words to use, etc. Without statistical reports, which you can access with ease on Facebook and Twitter, you're...

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