Arizona State University


Challenge: Arizona State University needed to promote its new online high school. Digital marketing was the right medium to reach their target audience, but early campaigns produced a lot of junk leads, with few real students. There was no visibility into what was happening at each stage of the customer journey, so there was no way to know which ads were really working. On top of that, most leads were not being nurtured, so eventually, they turned cold and disappeared.

Solution: ONE12th and Knight Agency teamed up with ASU Prep Digital to design and develop an Automated Marketing Platform. This included a System of Intelligence (SOI) that tracked and managed all the lead activity data at every stage of the customer journey and a System of Engagement (SOE) that personalized and automated marketing communications based on the user data.

How We Did It

Automated Email campaign


Created an automated customized  drip email campaign to nurture leads. These emails based on characteristics helped leads progress through the sales funnel toward enrollment without direct contact from an admissions advisor.

Utilize data to lower cost-per-lead

Using customer behavior we utilized data to optimize our digital marketing tactics at each stage of the funnel. This allowed us to lower our cost-per-lead and cost-per-conversion, plus
efficiently test a variety of audiences, messages, images, formats and CTAs (call-to-action).

Develop engaging landing pages

We developed unique landing pages for each campaign tactic so we could collect detailed information about user activity, motivation, interest and prior online school experience. We developed custom data integrations between Salesforce, Pardot, Bocavox and the internal student tracking systems.


Funnel visibility

Before: We knew when someone clicked on an ad or visited the website.

After: We can track leads from engagement to enrollment, allowing us to measure and optimize every stage of the funnel.


Before: One-size-fits-all messaging.

After: We customized the drip email campaigns based on lead characteristics. We scored inquiries on 22 different actions and implemented 58 unique lead pathways and 249 different emails.


Before: We could measure which ads had
the highest click rates. There was no way to attribute leads to campaigns and sources beyond the first stage of the funnel.

After: Each lead was assigned to a specific marketing tactic, allowing us to measure each stage of the funnel—Cost per Lead, Cost per Call, Cost per Application Submitted, and Cost per Enrollment.

Unique Landing Pages

Before: One page collected all the leads so we couldn’t tell what was working.

After: Dozens of unique landing pages collected a variety of insights about our leads. These insights helped us customize follow up messages and refine our ad targeting and messaging. It also gave the enrollment advisors knowledge about their incoming leads.

Let’s Do This!

Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you. Let’s figure out how to maximize the use of data and automation to achieve your marketing goals, together. Just like we did for ASU.

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