How Can I Manage Salesforce Cases in Slack?

November 11, 2021

Have you ever wanted to manage cases or trouble tickets in Slack, and additionally input the same data into Salesforce? Then get ready, this one is for you.

Before you get started with any project, it’s a good idea to plan. Salesforce structure and object standards do most of the planning for us. We just need to choose the parent object (Account). You can also configure so the case’s Contact is the parent. In this article, we will manage all cases that are attached to a specific account, ‘Acme.’

Abstract process view

On a high-level: Anytime a case is created or updated for my subscribed account, I publish it to my chosen Slack channel


Step By Step:


1. Install Salesforce app in Slack

This is the initial connection to allow Salesforce to talk to Slack. In step 2, we will allow a connection to Slack from Salesforce. This is for that extra layer of security on both sides.

Click the Add to Slack URL below:


2. Install the companion app in Salesforce from Salesforce AppExchange:

Don’t worry it comes from the source. It’s official. This is the other side of the connection we set up in step 1.


3. Create a specific Slack Channel aligned with your support structure.

Account’s Cases to a Slack Channel

      1. #apple_SupportCases
      2. #acme_SupportCases
      3. #acme_BusinessCases

4. Add an object to watch (Cases) and alert from Salesforce to Slack


5. Viola! Real-time notifications of cases in Slack.




If you want to get fancy, you can start to be creative with your flows and naming conventions to assist your subscription use.


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