5 NFL Teams Who are Crushing it on Twitter

September 1, 2016SOCIAL MEDIA, TWITTER

Nowhere but Twitter can you see professional sports teams fight it out amongst each other on a digital playing field.


This isn’t Twitter’s only purpose for these teams, and brands in general, though. They also use it to make fun of themselves, show how in-touch they are with pop culture, brag and boast, engage with critics, promote charity work, stage contests, encourage polling, and provide game, franchise and injury updates.


Twitter serves as the greatest bridge between consumer and brand because of how easy it is to interact and engage. As opposed to Facebook or LinkedIn where post frequency should be kept to a minimum, Twitter’s constantly streaming timeline allows accounts to get away with posting multiple times per day, which leaves room for a multitude of post types.


Not all teams are alike, though, in the way they utilize Twitter. Some are more active than others. Some are more restrained. Some are more professional and formal. Regardless of the method they choose, the key to success on this platform is to be engaging and to have as much fun as possible.


Twitter is a bastion for capitalizing on trends; even the very same trends that derive from Twitter!


But today, in honor of the start of the 2016 NFL season, we celebrate the 5 NFL teams on Twitter who have given us a little more entertainment at no charge at all.


 1. Carolina Panthers: @Panthers


Consistently funny and creative, the Carolina Panthers’ Twitter account took full advantage of its sudden fame last year before a doomed Super Bowl run.


They have tweets embedded in pop culture:



Criticizing members of pop culture:



and utilizing pop culture:



Like the great Muhammad Ali said, it’s not bragging if you can back it up.


2. Atlanta Falcons: @AtlantaFalcons



My favorite kind of pro sports Twitter account is one that interacts with fans and rivals, especially when they’re as funny as this. The Falcons’ Twitter account is consistently hilarious and does not shy away from any criticism.


Atlanta sports in general seem to have this disposition to roast any and everyone who crosses them. Look at how ruthless the Atlanta Hawks are:



This method of engagement isn’t just fun for outsiders, it makes fans proud to be a follower of that team. Sure your team is mired in mediocrity and tweets more about losing than winning, but it can at least hold its own in Twitter beefs and that’s what really matters, right?


3. Arizona Cardinals: @AzCardinals


How can you have fun when you can’t make fun of yourself? The Arizona Cardinals, following their 49-15 playoff loss to the Panthers, had a little fun at its own expense:



That received nearly 50,000 retweets! These are the benefits of having fun with a professional team’s account. Don’t just ignore the obvious blowout and recite the final score. You’re supposed to be a representative of the team and its fans, so act in kind.


Overall, the Cardinals’ account is playful, light-hearted, and definitely worth of a follow for NFL fans.


4. Miami Dolphins: @MiamiDolphins 


There’s some regency bias here, but, if you’ve been following them, you have to be extremely impressed with how well their account has been handled throughout the renovation process of their stadium.


For months, followers have received daily updates, via captivating images and progress reports, on the renovation’s process. In the dog days of summer, where the middle of the baseball season is the only sport on, the Dolphins’ Twitter account was a nice change of pace.


There was also a live feed of the build, accessed by signing into their mobile app, and periodic tweets from the team’s President:



Here was the final result, unveiled in mid-August:



While the account itself is fairly generic, it’s the fans that steal the show. Dolphin fans have become so desensitized to the team’s losing, mediocre ways that they’ve become self-deprecating. The mentions during and following a loss are always a source of entertainment:


Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 12.12.55 PM


5. Birds of the NFL: @Seahawks, @Eagles, @Ravens


You’ll have to click on the timestamp for the full thread. This string of tweets between four NFL teams whose mascot is a bird. This is why Twitter was invented:


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