3 Presidential Candidates that Need to Stop Tweeting

August 13, 2015

For the first time in American history, presidential candidates are strongly utilizing social media, especially Twitter, to connect with voters and announce their stances on certain issues.


Naturally, that means they’re going to tweet out embarrassing and transparently obvious attempts to connect with the milennials of Twitter. Even with the election still more than a year away, we’ve already been subjected to a number of failures that have made us cringe, laugh and put our face in our hands wondering where mankind went wrong.


Check them out:


1. Hillary Clinton is trying way too hard


Every time I see Hillary Clinton tweet in an attempt to connect with young voters, I immediately think of this:



Her current social media campaign strategy is to be the mom or dad that’s trying to connect with his kids, so they use slang terms they think are popular. Even though they’re using the terms, it doesn’t really matter because, for one, they have no idea what it means or why they’re saying it, and two, and most importantly, they’re out-of-touch and it’s obvious.



I’ll give credit that it’s an ambitious idea and would work well for a brand, but Hillary Clinton is a presidential candidate making light of a very serious issue affecting millions of 20-somethings.


But it still wasn’t as cringeworthy as this response to an article saying her previous tweet backfired:





2. What the hell are you talking about, Marco Rubio?


I was scrolling through my timeline when I happened to see whatever the hell you want to call this:



You’ve got my attention, Marco, but you certainly don’t have my interest because I have no idea what the hell you’re talking about. No matter what you’re alluding to, it’s not working because it’s not going to make any sense.


Maybe you can make up for it with something a little more coherent….



Well, it’s coherent I’ll give him that. I won’t get too political, but just everything about this is ridiculous. Capitalizing on the dead lion to express your sentiment towards abortion is proof that we are living beyond our technological means. It’s enough that a presidential candidate is using Twitter as a platform, but then using it as a platform to say things as ludicrous as this is mind-blowing.


Also, Rubio is apparently one of those people that won’t let you be concerned about one thing because there are other things to be more concerned about. I hate those people. Isn’t it possible to be mindful about two different things? Are we not allowed to have grey areas anymore, or just the brain capacity to think about two different things at the same time?


3. Donald Trump is the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Twitter (and possibly the world)


I’ll just leave these tweets without comment. Donald Trump is the only choice for a country that has its presidential candidates platform on Twitter and use pictures of cats or emojis to convey their message.


So without further adieu, here’s Donald’s best hits from the past two weeks:



Well, that seems a little excessive….



Rival presidential candidates usually don’t resort to overt name-calling, but then again we’ve never dealt with a candidate like this before…



What about nine minutes straight? What if I listen in two minute intervals?



This was probably in response to Megyn calling out Trump for using epitaphs that could be described as misogynistic, but it’s not as if a legitimate presidential candidate would actually continue making or endorsing those remarks, right?



God bless America!

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