5 Brands on Facebook That Are Doing it Right


While it certainly helps to be a big company, it doesn’t always translate to excellent results on Facebook. It takes quality copy and imagery and, of course, the perspective of knowing your audience and what it wants.


No, it requires a lot more than posting a simple call-to-action in the copy and a visual of the product being mentioned. Even the biggest companies need a social media expert, or even an entire devoted marketing department, in order to maximize their influence online.


Social media has served a purpose as one of the most effective methods of connecting the everyday consumer to the brand itself, and these 5 brands are among the best at it:


1. Samsung


Arguably the best brand at social media, especially on Facebook, Samsung Mobile successfully integrates brand identity, creativity, innovation, engagement, and concise copy into almost every one of its statuses.


It’s no wonder why Samsung Mobile has a staggering 40 million likes on Facebook. Their status often feature videos, ranging from 10 seconds to even a-minute-and-a-half, all relatable to the brand and, most importantly, interesting and worthwhile to view.


Just in the past week, there has been an intense video of a cyclist (sponsored by Samsung), a dog leading a horse with a rope (meant to promote Samsung’s camera capabilities), a confetti-filled pinata being smashed at a party (once again meant to promote Samsung’s camera capabilities), and a group of dancers near a subway train.


The copy for each is extremely concise and no longer than two sentences, and is also comprised of a relevant, easy-to-use hashtag. Here are some examples:








Most importantly, each status is identifiable to the brand and features the product and its capabilities that make it the standard of the industry.


 2. GE


What I love most about General Electric’s Facebook is how creative and fun it is. Rather than going the simple route of selling its products, GE intends to inform with short, creative videos, beautiful, vivid visuals and short copy that oftentimes possess genuinely intriguing facts.


Check out a few examples and decide if you’d hit ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ on them:







Short, informative copy. Moving imagery that anybody would stop on. Logo fit into the image to ensure you don’t forget you’re on General Electric’s Facebook.


Entrepreneur.com has a great story of how the 122-year-old company has become so popular on social media, including how it ended up winning last year’s ‘Best Brand on Vine’ award, as well as being nominated in the Best Fortune 500 Brand on Social Media, Twitter and Instagram categories.


3. Oreo


Judging by the similarities of these three brands we’ve just discussed, it appears there’s a revolution going around social media that indicates what strategy works best when creating content: Short, informative copy with a interactive, creative imagery or video.


Oreo is no different from Samsung Mobile and GE at these aspects, except their tone and voice deviates to one that is humorous and light-hearted:








You’ll never know how much fun you could have on a Facebook page until you like Oreo’s.


4. HP


Once again, short, informative copy and good imagery, but there’s one thing that stands out about HP that sets it apart from others like it:









The images are striking and powerful, and it’s really more of the same if you check out their timeline. Notice how prominent the product is in each photo, even the one that doesn’t feature a product on a plain white or grey backdrop. It’s excellent work and it goes to show how much your engagement can improve with a product image that really stands out.


5. Anthropologie


What I love about Anthropologie’s approach to social media is that it deviates greatly from other clothing brands, yet remains topical and relevant to the product’s they’re selling.


Anthropologie could have went the same route as every other clothing brand, posting pictures of an article of clothing and then using the copy to sell it. Instead, they went with a more engaging route that’s more helpful to their users, including statuses that offer tips:








They’re informative and helpful, and even though those last two don’t have anything to do with Anthropologie’s clothing line, they still carry the same light, sweet and soothing voice that’s conveyed in each status. Plus, they still fit the demographic of appealing to those who wear their clothes, who are more than likely to be women.


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