Social Media: The Importance of Targeting


You work tirelessly to craft the perfect copy to go along with the perfect image for your social media page, only to find it receive an insufficient amount of likes, comments, and shares.


Never forget who you’re competing with: The entire Facebook universe. And they all want the same thing you do, which is the attention of Facebook’s users. It’s difficult to separate yourself from the pack when there are just so many. Even with great copy, and even with an even greater image, making your voice heard is a task in itself that’s as confounding as creating the perfect status.


Remember this blog post from last week? Spending a little money doesn’t hurt. You can spend $1 and be able to target up to 10 separate interests. Since we started boosting our posts for one of our pages, every one of our posts is getting exposure.


Even if they may not be garnering likes and comments, we can see people are clicking, meaning the content we are posting is interesting enough to make someone stop what they’re doing and momentarily pay attention to our page.


You’ve invested in some boosting, now what? Now you have to pinpoint who you want to target. This is extremely important when it comes to building an audience. You don’t want to post something that’s irrelevant to your page and then target people that are only interested in that one post irrelevant to your page.


Otherwise, your numbers are forever going to be low because you have a number of likes and followers that have no interest in anything relevant to your brand and identity.


So, targeting the right audience is key. You want fans who are genuinely interested in what you’re posting. Your targets have to be genuinely interested in what you’re posting.


Stop. Think. Decide. Put yourself into the shoes of the interest you’re targeting. Would the interests of the people you’re targeting be interested in whatever post you’re boosting? Have perspective when it comes to things like this.


On one of our pages (not the aforementioned one), we are running a campaign where we use targeting and create ad sets with every post. There’s a need to think a little differently with these posts. If the post is about hiking, you can’t simply target hiking 4 times. You have to have a little of variety, and think about everything in relation to hiking.


Put yourself into the shoes of a hiker. What are they interested in? Hiking trails and hiking mountains, they’re probably outdoor enthusiasts and like camping, and maybe they’re a part of a hikers association.


Here’s another example. We’re doing a post about being prepared during a weather emergency. With that, we can go so far beyond interests like ‘Weather’ or ‘Emergency Preparedness’. You could target The Weather Channel, the NOAA, emergency shelters, fire departments, police departments, or basically anything relating to the interests that come with a weather emergency.


It’s that little bit of extra thinking that can separate a post with average results from one that gets an unbelievable amount of reach, all because you tapped into an audience you weren’t previously aware of. It all comes as a part of the experimentation that accompanies social media. Without experimenting, you’re going to be left making the same decisions, the same mistakes, and getting the same results.


Change things up and think differently and you’ll get different results.

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