Social Media: 7 Types of Holiday Posts You Can Make


Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy Hanukkah from One Twelfth! It’s a time of good cheer, good friends, and good engagement on your social media posts!


The holidays present to the social media manager a bevy of options they can run with for a Facebook campaign. One of the accounts we are running has instructed us to create posts throughout the season with an emphasis on the holidays. This has allowed us to explore just how far we can run with these types of posts, as well the types of posts we can make overall.


We came up with seven different types of posts you can make for the holidays, and accompanied them with some examples of how to construct them.


1. Holiday Traditions


Not everybody celebrates the holidays like you do. This is a great way to post an interesting article or picture of how other cultures from other countries celebrate the same holidays you do. It gives your followers and fans insight into how unique and interesting other cultures are, and informs them of a way to celebrate they previously didn’t know existed.

2. Holiday Recipes


Besides receiving gifts (or giving gifts if you’re into that), the best part about the holidays is the food. It’s the time for celebration and family togetherness, which means a lot of good food needs to be made for the good (and I guess the bad, too) people in your life.


Maybe your followers want to go against the grain this year and cook up something new, as opposed to the usual honey ham or turkey. Offer them the opportunity by making a post about a holiday recipe, possibly one that isn’t from this country.

3. Gift Suggestions


This goes double if you sell a product. If you do, then this is your best opportunity to make a sale or two. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, either. If your product has an audience, then you can sell your product to them. This also presents a great opportunity to even stage a giveaway or sell your product at a discount, in order to showcase your generosity towards the loyal fanbase that has helped make your business successful.


After all, it is the season of giving, isn’t it?


4. Identity relating to the Holidays


Since you’re directly selling your product, you can also do an indirect tie-in between the holidays and your identity. This isn’t about selling the product, but rather about marketing your product. Create good copy and accompany it with a good photoshopped image of your product in a holiday setting, that way you have your identity on full display running parallel with the season.


5. Holiday Songs


Love them or hate them, you’re going to be hearing holiday songs for the entire month of December, whether you like it or not. So why not take advantage? If people love the song, they’ll make a mention of it. If people hate the song, they’ll make a mention of it. You can’t lose here, so post a song that will make people react.


And it’s a great way to get some easy shares, too!


Since the account we’re running hails from Latin and South America, we’ve made a few posts about songs in Spanish that everyone can relate to, even in the United States.


6. Holiday galleries


This can apply to any of the previous posts we mentioned, from celebrating different cultures to telling your fans about a recipe.


Good imagery will always yield good results, and that also applies to an entire gallery of photos. For the culture posts, you could make a gallery of not only one culture celebrating, but of four different cultures in each picture celebrating in their own way. For the recipe, just post four mouth-watering pictures of the finished product. Good pictures of food usually always work simply because it makes people think of good food, which will always illicit a reaction.


Or you could even promote your own product in the gallery. Holiday-themed or not, now is the time to promote your product and try to boost some sales for the season.


7. Holiday engagement


Everybody is in the holiday spirit and wants to talk about it. What better outlet than on a social media platform with strangers? What social media provides that nowhere else in the world does is offer hundreds or even thousands of strangers to interact with each other on a similar topic. It lets people know that others share similar interest in a particular subject and gives them the opportunity to interact.


The same goes for the holiday season. You have plenty of opportunities to create an interacting and engaging post that will yield big numbers in likes, comments, and shares. You could ask what you want for the holidays, what you’re getting someone, a TBT about childhood memories during the holidays, what’s your favorite food during the holiday, who you’ll be celebrating with, etc. I came up with all of those posts without pausing, so imagine what you can do with a little thought.


Your options are virtually limitless for the holidays. If you haven’t started thinking about a campaign for the holidays, yet, start now. This is the only time of the year where posts this wide-ranging and engaging are going to come this easy, so put in a few extra hours of thought to consider what could be seen as engaging and could boost some sales for your product.

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