Social Media: Four Examples of How to Be Engaging on Facebook


On my daily route of scouring social media for insights, I came across two similar posts for a swimwear company.


Take note of this one:



Pretty standard, right? A simple call-to-action that lets the picture do all of the talking. The result was a modest 79 likes and 3 shares, but only one comment.


Now, try on this post, from the same company a week earlier:



Despite the posts appearing nearly the same, this post had more than triple the amount of likes and 50 more comments than the previous post.


So, what’s the difference? Just look at the copy and, most importantly, the comments:



This post received so much more attention because it asks a question that begs the audience to engage. Rather than a simple “Look at this!” as seen in the previous post, this post asks “What do you think?” Obviously, the question is going to generate a response as opposed to the simple statement in the form of a call-to-action.


This is just another example of how simple it can be to have an engaging post. The company, which has 24,000 likes on Facebook, didn’t attempt any tricks or gimmicks. It asked its fanbase and customers a question and they received a response.


Here’s an example of our own:


This post got 16 likes and nothing more:



But this post got 15 likes, plus three comments:



Give your audience the platform they want! As I’ve said before in previous blogs on the subject, social media is the easiest way for the average person to have a voice that can be heard by a large number of people. Since they can’t let their opinion be heard on television or radio or movies, they turn to social media.


It doesn’t matter what you ask. Just ask! You’ll find out the preference of your audience, while also boosting your page’s all-too-vital engagement rate.

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