25 Types of Posts for Social Media Content


1. #TBT: These are always fun because it gives you a chance to show your audience your company in its early, humble days. They also give you the opportunity to be transparent, which is a near guarantee to create engagement.


2. Group photo: Put your employees on a pedestal. Let the world see who is working within one of their favorite brands.


3. #TGIF: Everyone is excited for the weekend and looking for these posts. They remind your audience that it’s the end of another difficult week.


4. Happy _______!: I always make sure to remind you to be timely in your posts, and here’s a post that’s sure to bring in likes. Don’t limit yourself to basic holidays, either. Look up odd holidays, such as today’s National Left Handers Day, and celebrate that. It’ll show your audience that you’re in tune with the rest of the online community.



5. Tell a story: You don’t want to write an essay, because people who use social media usually don’t have that sort of time, but a story about your product or something relating to it. For one of the accounts we run, a swimwear company, we like to pepper in short, paragraph-long stories about a tranquil beach setting our audience can escape to in their minds.

6. Interesting article: Make sure that not only the content is captivating and relevant to your brand, but that the image is on full display. There are too many instances where a post gets wasted because there’s only a link posted, rather than the link and the accompanying picture taking up most of the post.


When crafting the copy for the article, don’t just repeat the title. The reader will see the title in the headline. Pull out an interesting quote or craft something original that creates value for the reader in reading the article.


7. Funny video: Once again, be relevant to the brand. If you’re an engineering company and you post about a cute puppy frolicking in flowers, your audience is going to assume you’ve turned into a spam page that just posts viral videos.


8. Statistics: Numbers are always a draw because they’re the easiest to read, the easiest for your audience to relay to their friends, and, most importantly, they never lie.


9. Ask the audience: Your followers are the life-blood of your company and social media following. Engaging with your audience shows that you care what they have to say.


10. Call to action: Don’t just make people aware that you’re on Facebook or Twitter, sell something. You have the entire internet watching, so why not take advantage by creating a call-to-action that will advertise a product and entice your audience into following a link to your online store.


11. Contest: The main reason why people follow brands on social media isn’t because they simply like the brand. It’s because they want free stuff and discounts. And why wouldn’t they? Social media was created as a conduit from the audience to the company. Stage contests to create engagement and interactions from your audience. Consider a giveaway or a once-in-a-blue-moon offer that’s only available online as a thank you to your devoted buyers.


12. Discount with a password: Don’t want to simply give something away? Send out a limited discount by providing your audience with a password that can only be seen on your social media page. Just like with staging a contest, offering a discount will simultaneously draw traffic to your page and show your appreciation to your audience.


13. Themed post: Keep your audience on its toes by making themed posts that come around every (Insert weekday) and using a hashtag to represent it.


14. Quote: Make it inspirational or humorous (something that’s going to evoke a reaction and an emotion) and relevant to the brand.


15. Tips and advice: You’re the company that everyone is following, so give them a reason to continue following by offering tips and advice on how to use products from your brand. Since we do work for an account that sells diaper rash cream, we’ll offer advice on raising children, applying the cream, or even asking our audience for their own ideas on raising a child.


16. Behind the scenes: Transparency is becoming one of my favorite words because of how well it works. If you want a positive and immediate reaction from your followers, send out a picture of an average day in the life of a marketer or engineer or construction worker.




17. Caption this: A great way to draw engagement. People want to perform their stand-up comedy without the fear of actually having to face people, so offer them the platform to say their best jokes without having to do it in person by offering a caption contest. These types of posts don’t always have to be contests. Your audience should engage because the post offers them an opportunity to get a reaction from their favorite brand.


18. Testimonial: Show why people should use your company with a customer testimonial. Preferably, I would aim for a positive testimonial. In case you didn’t already know.


19. Basic information: Give any new followers the gist of what you do, what you provide, for how much, and where they can purchase your products.


20. Pop culture reference: Don’t be afraid to show that you’re human. Show your audience that you’re in touch with what’s being discussed in pop culture, but not to the point where it’s irritatingly cheesy that your audience can see you’re just plain capitalizing on what’s trending.


21. Fan photo: Ask your fans to take a picture of them using your product. It’s a great way to increase engagement and an even better of interacting with your biggest fans, who deserve your attention and appreciation.


22. Fill-in-the-blank: Another great way of generating a response from your followers. Keep the premise basic, but make the answer, which will be created by your fans, eclectic.


23. Post something relating to your brand: Not everything you post has to specifically be about your brand. Create posts that are meant to be representative of the message your brand is trying to convey. If you want to portray to your audience that you’re relaxed and fun, then post pictures of cool, calming images. Use pictures that characterize with your brand, without having to post actual pictures of your brand’s products.


24. Profile an employee/employer: This provides a glimpse into your business, while also showing your appreciation for your workers. It’s a win-win because the featured employee will love having their story posted for all to see, and your audience will learn a little something more about who you’re hiring.


25. Latest company news: What else is social media for than showing your fan base the status of your company? Make your audience aware of the latest happenings and events, including discounts, mergers, partnerships, initiatives, campaigns, or moving to a new office.


Social media is the best platform for these types of updates, and your devoted fans won’t be left in the dark when a significant event comes across their timeline in the form on an article from another entity. You can be the first to alert your audience of any matters and put your own spin on it.

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