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February 14, 2014SEARCH STRATEGY

What is SEO?


The objective of a search engine optimization is to improve target finds. It is in the general purpose of directing the searcher, towards the right direction; trough an overall action that allows a question a need and their demands to be fulfilled.


Importance of SEO


Based on the result of the flexibility to shape and change the optimization process in a search, relies on the broad relation of exchange generated by both users and providers. Where the variance of change amongst the information channels, facilitates the categorization of data; to fall under a liquid state; where transfers, uploads and new information, have no disconnection within the web that interlaces the whole unit of available data.


People & Search Engines


There are 3 types of search queries


Transactional queries, which give into a functional solutions.


Informational queries, represent the data reach.


Navigational queries, represent specific targets.




The number one application, mostly used by the internet population is the email. Search engines follow after soon after, with a 2 percent shyness on measure. Google represents 65.4% of online searches, dominating the web. Yahoo has 17.2% of the shares and Microsoft search engine is at 13.4%


The Mechanics


Axioms are premises that allow evidence to be accepted as true without controversy. These form a part of an algorithm, which is a finite list of effective methodology to present a flow.


The search engines work hard to interconnect the network of links between involved users; to create a routine of optimization which allows the variance of the searches to be gathered.


It is not definable how each company develops their own strategy or methodology; but it is quiet logical to assume that the more information gathered the higher volume of leading placements within marketing can be pursued.

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