Making Sense of Hashtags

November 18, 2013SOCIAL MEDIA, TWITTER

Before you take a bite out of your hash brown, wait! Taking a picture of it and uploading it to your favorite social portal, would make it a double hash! Ok it might not be funny @ all, but it is consistent with the over all-purpose of tagging pictures with the now popularly and widely used hashtag.


The hashtag has a numerical value (#) to represent its form. It has been commonly known for ages to introduce a number, indicate a chronology, write a sequence and/or an option. Nevertheless, the fancy hashtag of today is rarely seen in mathematics per se, because it has no real active purpose in the solution of a problem.


What it does create is a referential guide towards the representation of a future value.


Now that we’ve gone over the previous significance of the numerical symbol (#), we can try to interpret its modern value on the social media spectrum. Before it first published itself as a useful tool to integrate group of words by Chris Messina (see what he’s up to). It was used in advanced programing as part of code formation during the 70’s. Now the use has evolved to satisfy a similar purpose, whereas instead of writing code, to generate functions; Popular terminology in search engines has been narrowed down to a rather impersonal format.


Allowing tread of creative users to generate their own public channels of popular searches, distancing their interest from commercial publications, narrowing public opinion towards public criteria, which overall brings less private intervention from any form of censorship or institution. Peoples daily shares can steer away from controlled trade, were sharing together becomes part of a social activity that allows impersonal followers to grow together.


The hashtag might be an abstract necessity of our modern world, but it definitely allows us to gather words and phrases into a unit, that will define the search of what identifies your post to the public.


The Hashtag represents the evolution of Platforms sharing, whereas of today, a growing amount of data, information and publications from everywhere in the world are available instantaneously and under personal tagging criteria, allowing interpretation and sharing to influence our society at a faster yet liberal way.


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