Qualities of a Great SEO Marketer

October 30, 2013SEARCH STRATEGY, SEO

SEO and SEM are fairly new realms to the traditional marketing world. Many agencies are now looking to expand their departments by including digital marketing solutions. So what are some of the qualities a SEO marketer have?


The Ideal Digital Marketer


Ideally, this person should be a leader in their projects. They must be an excellent in communicating both verbally and written. They should think in terms of finding solutions and solving problems. Time management skills and organization is key with a focus on providing excellent customer service. The ideal candidate should be aware of things happening in all aspects of the online and technological world.


The Entry Level Candidate


This candidate should possess all the qualities mentioned above but also have basic knowledge of technology and a willingness to put effort in learning quickly.


The Senior Level Candidate


The senior should have a strong foundation with knowledge of all markets and techniques both traditional and modern. They should be able to lead a team, teach newcomers and entry-level employees as well as communicate well on complex projects.


Find a person or team who collectively possess these qualities and your digital marketing department will be complete.


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