Proving SEO Will Bring Traffic to Your Client’s Site.

October 23, 2013SEARCH STRATEGY, SEO

Any person that works in the SEO business knows that there is a certain level of reluctance when it comes to believing that search traffic will come from the work that is done in optimizing a site. Here are 5 ways to make your client aware that your SEO work is paying off!


  1. Reports on ranking and keyword improvements. SEO reports are done for each one of our clients on a monthly basis. This gives the client raw data on numerical increases coming straight from Google Analytics. Aside from raw data and mumbo jumbo that the client usually does not understand, we take the time to set up a one-hour call to relay the feedback. We also use this data to make improvements on keywords that are not performing as we would expect or to look for new keywords.


  1. Keeping Track of Time. Its important to keep your client in the loop of every single task you work on when it comes to their SEO or SEM campaign. For this reason, we use a project management system called Basecamp, in which we log in every hour of work and the specific task accomplished within that timeframe. This way you keep track of all your work and your client is able to view it as well. This not only keeps your client informed but it builds trust.
  1. Scheduled Meetings. Whether it is once a month or once every two weeks, we always contact all of our clients for a scheduled call to update them on what has been going on with the progress of the projects that we are working on. We either speak with them in person or on the phone. That interaction alone gives the client a sense of trust and the information that they need to know that SEO work is being done properly.
  1. Using other metrics. Aside from Google Analytics, you can prove to your client that your SEO work is being done in other departments other than just keyword rankings. You can use to show them how their errors and warnings have gone down to a minimum. You can also use tools to record the improvement in their social media. Another facet of  SEO is link building. You can track your link building efforts by recording how many links have pointed to their site since your started their campaign.
  1. Proving that SEO takes time. Not many clients are informed of the amount of work, time and effort that goes into getting them the organic traffic they need to make conversions. Most clients seek instant gratification. That’s simply not the way SEO works. You can inform your clients of the time factor by sending them articles or referring them to blog posts that talk about SEO and all the work and time that is involved. If the source is a trusted one, there should be no reason why they would still be skeptical about the work being done.
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