Google Maps Brings Ads into the Mix

October 14, 2013

Google Maps, the highly popular app used by more than 1 billion people a month is now launching ads. Ads will now appear for users on the iPhone, iPad and Android after entering a search. For example, if you are searching for Groceries in Miami, a banner ad may appear at the bottom of the screen below the search results.


Clicking on the ad will produce the same result as if the user had clicked on a natural search result on Google. This new feature is especially valuable for local companies looking to attract people in the community to their site or store.


The ads are based on PPC system and the advertiser is charged if the user clicks on the banner, asks for directions to their business, calls the business or clicks on the link to their site. Advertisers are to be charged two clicks per impression maximum. This new feature brought out by Google means big things for local companies.


So, what do you think about Google Maps having ads?

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