Back To School Apps


It’s that time again. You feel the end of summer inching closer and closer as the calendar dwindle. Back to school it is, and we have some great back to school apps to help you get back into the gist of things.


Evernote: Good ol’ Evernote! Every student should have this on their mobile device. The app is extremely useful and syncs up all your text, photos, video, and audio via cloud. No matter where you are, your notes are accessible. I have personally used Evernote to take snapshots of an entire lecture written on a whiteboard – and guess what? It worked perfectly!


StudyBlue Flashcards: Its been proven that flashcards a great way to memorize information for exams. Use this app to create flashcards using text, pictures and audio. The best and worst part are – you can take them anywhere so you have no excuse for not studying.


RealCalc Scientific Calculator: If you have a big math exam and need extra functions but forgot your scientific calculator at home, this app might save your grade. This mobile version of the online dictionary is very handy with over a million definitions, synonyms, and antonyms.


Selfcontrol: If you are trying to write a term paper, but can’t seem to get focused because you’re too distracted by Facebook or other social media networks, Selfcontrol can assist. Installed on your Mac, it can block certain websites or even mail servers for a period of time by “blacklisting” them. Procrastination issues solved!


So while you may not be feeling so productive now, these back to school apps can help you get through the upcoming school year.

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