Avoiding Landing Page Pitfalls


What is a landing page? It’s a page where traffic is directed to achieve a call to action. Whether it is a page to sign up for a newsletter, make a sale, or for content consumption, these pages are intended to rank well in search engines.

Here are some pitfalls that can be avoided with your landing pages:


    1. A bad headline: The headline is the element that will attract or drive people away from your page. It is extremely important to have a headline that catches a person’s attention. A good headline will improve the effectiveness of your page. Test out different headlines and see which one brings you more conversions.


    1. Using your usual design theme: when creating a landing page for a specific purpose, you might want to consider using a different design for the purpose of the page. If you want someone to purchase something on this landing page, make it as clean and clutter-free as possible and give a clear call to action.


    1. Asking for too much: Sometimes we think that the more options we give users, the happier they will be. That is not always the case. An effective landing page will give one call to action to generate one conversion. You don’t want to confuse your users by giving them too many options and asking for too much information.


    1. Overlooking aesthetics: If you are going to create a landing page, do yourself and everyone else a favor and take the time to do it right. Mismatching fonts and bad color schemes are a big no-no. Think of your landing page as your brick and mortar store. Would you purchase something from an unkempt and run-down looking store?


  1. Lack of effort: As mentioned before with aesthetics, if you are going to create a landing page to generate conversion or fulfill another action, take the time and effort to do it right from the get-go. Plan and strategize before jumping into creating a landing page that ends up being ineffective. Create valuable content and think about design and aesthetics. After all those elements are put into motion, take the time to monitor and make necessary tweaks.
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