YouTube 101 for Business


Most of you know already about YouTube and how it works. But, is it the right social media site for your business’ overall goal? Do you know how to measure the results? Do you know how to get more views?


These are some questions you probably never thought about, but if you did probably you did not now how to answer them.


First of all, lets start with the basics.


What is Youtube?


It is the most popular go-to site for videos on the web. It enables people to upload, share and watch originally-created videos around the world. It was founded in February 2005 by two former Paypal employees and acquired by Google in 2006. It include videos ranging from personal films to company commercials.


The online video network has invested $100 million in developing premium content channels catering to subjects such as business news, food, dance, education, pets, fashion and fitness.


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