Vine App Makes Brands Get Artsy

June 11, 2013SOCIAL MEDIA

Social media welcomes its newest superstar – the Vine app, a mobile application that is available for IOS and Android that was released early this year by the developers of Twitter. The Vine app allows users to create video clips with a maximum of six seconds that can be shared or embedded on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.


The app is very user friendly and gives room for creative freedom with its ability to shoot and stop, making quick cuts. The videos can be just one long stream or very short milliseconds of footage that when seen in one continuous six second loop can be very visually stimulating to its viewers.


Brands on Vine


Vine is a perfect environment for users to share personal content and consume a feed of content at the same time. It is becoming apparent as well that there is an element of competitiveness to these videos as well. This environment is also the perfect host for brands to showcase themselves in a visually appealing way. Brands like Urban Outfitters and Gap wasted no time in leveraging the app for to market their brand and clothing lines. Urban Outfitters, for example partnered up with Converse offering a promotion that offered a trip across the country for the best video that visually describes “A day in the life of your converse sneakers.”


Certainly one of the most attention grabbing Vine videos seen recently comes from Game of Thrones’ young actress Maisie Williams who posted her reaction to the “Red Wedding” GOT episode – the HBO hit show. While Williams posted the video on her personal account, she was inadvertently passing along attention and promoting her own show.


The Gap much like Urban Outfitters uses Vine to showcase their collections. They put the app to good use when it comes to advertising their new summer collections or previous existing campaigns such as the “Be Bright” campaign. Their videos successfully tell a short story or convey a message and adds value to their brand’s campaigns.


Vine Tips for Brands


There are plenty of ways to boost your brand awareness on Vine. A few key things to remember are:


1. Make your 6 seconds count. The competition is fierce. Any ole’ Joe Shmoe is making amazing impactful artsy Vine posts that are generating all sorts of buzz. Your brand has to put its thinking cap on when it comes time to create a Vine that is a hit.


2. Use your hashtags. Make yourself easily found. Its as simple as that.


3. Don’t just make videos. Invite users to be active. For example, running promotions that give consumers a chance to interact with your brand through the app.

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