Content Creation Tips For Small Businesses


Are you the one of the millions of new small businesses having difficulty with how to market your products, services and ideas out in the vast world wide web? Aspects of online marketing are becoming increasingly important as new technologies drive the future of business. Moving forward from traditional marketing strategies can be overwhelming and exhausting, especially for small businesses. There are a few important factors to remember when thinking of online marketing for your small business. Today we highlight what we think is the most important, CONTENT.

Content Is King

Blogging and social media content creation should be a top priority on your list of things to do when it comes to online marketing. How is your presence on these channels? Are you constantly creating valuable content and acquiring new followers? You should be! At One Twelfth, we put great emphasis on content and its importance for generating business.

A blog and social media represents not only what your company is about, but what it has to say. Putting yourself in the seat of the consumer, you will soon realize that your content should go beyond what products or services your company has to offer. If your company is posting only about your content will soon run out and your company will fall flat on social media networks.


Editorial Meetings and Calendars

At One Twelfth, we urge all of our clients to set aside time on a weekly or monthly basis to create an editorial calendar. In these editorial sessions, we work with our clients to create a timeline of blogs and social media posts for a whole week, two weeks or month, tying the posts to brand values. By creating an editorial calendar, you ensure that your content is fresh and being delivered in a timely fashion.

Editorial meetings and calendar creations allow for businesses to change their branding perspective based on the feedback and engagement provided by consumers and the community. Through consumer engagement, brands are able to make observations, see opportunities and leverage ideas from these interactions. In addition, web analytics provide data and continuous information to encourage new content.


Web Analytics 

Through web analytics, insights on the questions that people are asking on search engines can help your company provide the right information on their blog to steer searchers in your direction. Social media analytics tools can set your small business in the direction of topics related to interests around products and services.

Being flexible and having editorial meetings to create content calendars is a successful way to being persistent in blogging and engaged in social media. These platforms to share useful information will provide consumers with value and will drive sales, referrals, and social sharing.

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