The Iron Lady Takes Over Social Media

April 9, 2013SOCIAL MEDIA

The “Iron Lady” of British Politics,  Margaret Thatcher was reported as deceased yesterday morning in London. Thatcher was a big influence in the economic uprise in the United Kingdom during her time served as Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990.


Thatcher was the longest serving Prime Minister in the UK in the 20th Century  and the first woman to have obtained office. She was greatly admired around the world for impeccable leadership skills, and the Academy Award winning film in 2012 “The Iron Lady” starring Meryl Streep is based on her life and  highlights her accomplishments during her time in office.


The breaking news of the highly esteemed Thatcher took over social media networks around the globe. A reported 900 posts per minute were put forth within the first three hours of time of death. With 46% of posts coming from the UK, 25% from the United States, and 6% in the Netherlands and South Africa, these countries were generating the most buzz about the life and passing of Margaret Thatcher.


Popularly known as the “Iron Lady”, women talked nearly twice as much about the even as men with 65% of all posts coming from the female gender and 35% of posts coming from males. Whether posts about Margaret were positive, negative or neutral, there is no doubt that the “Iron Lady” took over social media networks on Monday, April 8, 2013 with inspiration quotes, being a role model to women in modern society and her strong leadership. (


Margaret Thatcher we commend you for your work and leadership in Politics and society, and we will always remember you as the “Iron Lady” of Britain, both in social media and in our hearts.

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