HRC Successfully Gets Everyone To Change Facebook Default Pic


It was last Tuesday when the well known blue and yellow equal symbol that is the Human Rights Campaign changed their colors to red. It would only be a matter of time before Facebook would follow suit.


This mass social media call to action was inspired Monday afternoon awaiting the trial of two homosexual marriages argued before the Supreme Court on Tuesday and Wednesday. Facebook reported a 120% increase in changes of default pictures arising from the viral campaign launched by the HRC.


The increase was most prevalent in users closest in age to 30. Females were more likely than males to change their profile photo. Facebook also reports that amongst urban areas, San Francisco, San Mateo and Washington D.C. ranked highly while Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago had less of profile pic change.


Users were not the only ones to take a stand in showing support for gay marriage. Many brands took side with the HRC and displayed brand loyal photos with the red equality sign. This proved to be quite controversial amongst social media platforms but nonetheless had high numbers of online activity and involvement.


Its been a week since the red campaign launched, and its still going strong with a plethora of red equal profile photos, memes, and branded, creative, equality pictures.

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