SEO 101 – Commonly Made Mistakes


SEO 101 – Commonly Made Mistakes


Boys and Girls, when it comes to SEO, there is a world wide web of knowledge out there. It can be hard to digest all this new information, but luckily, we have some commonly made errors and pitfalls that can leave you… well… ass backwards.


Mistake #1: Everything revolves around tags and submissions. Many web designers believe that all you need is coding your pages with the right meta tags such as keywords and descriptions and then just submitting it to search engines. WRONG. while this is an important factor, without the proper keywords in your page’s content search engines will not index your page with the authority that it needs and deserves.

Mistake # 2: Creating a website and then incorporating SEO. We strongly urge against this. Most companies build a website and then realize the important of SEO afterwards. A rule of thumb is you should build your website with an understanding of search engines that is going to generate traffic that is valuable to your site. Planning and thinking ahead with your SEO expert is the right way to go and will save you money, time and headaches!

Mistake # 3: Not having pages optimized for specific keywords. What are your most important keywords? Have you done your keyword research. This involves thinking like the searcher and choosing keywords that are likely to be typed in to Google or Bing at the beginning of the search process. We think that this is solely one of the most important factors.


It involves some time and thinking but remember everything begins at the search bar. Think about your most important phrases, do your research and optimize your site to include those key phrases in the titles, URL, and content of your site. Think like the searcher and get to #1 on those ranks where you belong!


Stay tuned children, for more SEO 101 tips & tricks. 
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