Generate revenue from every relationship.

Every customer journey tells a story. We clean up the experience so you can see new opportunities and capitalize on them.

Put marketing data and automation to work.

ONE12th helps companies connect to consumers on a personal level with highly tailored data and automated marketing solutions.

Marketing data

Make data part of your DNA.

Data is at the heart of everything we do. We integrate with your team and current framework to create seamless, impactful and consistent data-driven touchpoints for every stage of the customer journey to drive real business outcomes.

Get to know your numbers on a human level.

We simplify complex data systems so you can engage your customers personally by considering their unique needs and preferences.

Determine the data solutions that work best for your business.

We’re on the cutting edge of new technology. We do the legwork to identify and leverage the latest proven software, apps and programs to amplify your unique selling proposition at every opportunity.